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I relate to this on so many levels: "I cannot stand up while I work. I have to be comfortably seated at a table or desk on my computer. I’ve tried the standing desk thing: it’s not for me. As such, I try to stand up and walk as much as possible outside of work-related business."

I can stand up for some work but if I'm writing or doing any other work that requires deep thought, I need to be seated. Although I exercise every day and still get in my 10k steps, I spend hours sitting at my computer each day. Still trying to find more ways to add frequent walks/breaks but not always easy as a knowledge worker. I also try to floor sit at night which is good for mobility, not so sure it would impact BP any differently.

Thanks so much for writing, Brady. Love your work.

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Thanks Jack.

I think floor sitting is better for the body than sitting in a chair (activates postural muscles and core more), but probably no better for BP!

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